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Bosch Kitchen Mixer

Bosch Features

  • Exceptional bowl access
  • Superior kneading
  • Strong 800 watt motor
  • High-torque transmission
  • Large 6.5 quart mixing bowl
  • Stable weight distribution
  • Easy-handling design
  • Locking bowl with 360° handle
  • German quality

Bosch Attachments

  • Blender
  • Food Processor
  • Slicer Shredder
  • Meat Grinder
  • Cookie Paddles
  • Cake Paddles
  • Pasta Roller
  • Citrus Press
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
Gluten Free Products

A few suggestions/tips for changing wheat recipes to gluten free are: You can substitute with only Rice Flour in some recipes, but usually using a gluten-free mix (see attached), will give you better results. Adding an extra egg often improves the product as Rice Flour is lower in protein. Add 1 tsp. gelatin to approximately 3 cups flour in cookie recipes. Adding Xanthan Gum is important. Use the following amounts:

  • Xanthan Gum Amounts
  • Breads - 3/4 tsp/cup of flour
  • Cakes - 1/2 tsp/cup of flour
  • Cookies - 1/4 - 1/2 tsp/cup of flour
  • Gluten Free Mix
  • 6 cups Rice Flour
  • 2 cups Potato Starch
  • 1 cup Tapioca Flour
  • 4 1/2 tsp Xanthan Gum
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