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About Us

Stony Brook Pantry was started on a farm in a little shack where Winston and Noreen Penner could both pursue their hobbies, selling Bosch machines, china, and silverware, among other kitchen gadgets. Winston has sold and serviced Bosch machines for over 30 years - if you have questions about Bosch mixers, Winston definitely knows. Noreen has a passion for finding unique gifts that have quality and are practical. They moved the store to Steinbach in the spring of 2006, slowly expanding their business to what it is today. Their store is known for the Bosch kitchen mixer, bulk food products, and unique gifts.


Our Team

Winston Penner
Owner, Bosch Mixer Technician, Bookkeeper

Noreen Penner
Owner, Purchaser

Manager, Purchaser

Bulk Food Supervisor

Customer Service

Customer Service, Purchaser

Anita Customer Service

Crystal Customer Service